We all are impressed by the old houses made of granite stone, agricultural buildings, pavements and other places where local granite is used. Granite used in buildings is solid and timeless, creating an emotion „My Home is my Castle“. Today there is no need to use huge granite blocks in construction but using broken granite creates unique look to the building to be built or renovated.

Broken granite can be used as facades and basement footings of a buildings, fences and posts. Also as cookhouses and fireplaces. It gives a unique look in garden styling and granite pavements are not just beauty to the eye but also very practical. Broken granite can be used everywhere just as the fantasy tells you to and it is very easy to combine with all the other refinement materials.

Make your home unique!!


Sawed stone

    Cut depth 20cm.
    Edge, face and corner cut.
    Minimal stone thickness 1 cm.
granite stone longest side approx. 40cm

Broken granite for walls

  • Thickness approx. 5cm, longest side approx. 30cm
  • Thickness approx. 7cm, longest side approx. 40cm
  • Thickness approx. 10cm, longest side approx. 45cm

Broken granite

  • Good for stone fences
Granite steening stone
Granite pavement stong

Pavement stonge

  • 5x5x5cm
  • 7x7x7cm
  • 10x10x10cm

Stone posts for fences and gates

Granite posts

Cast plate with broken granite stone

  • Size of a stone approx. 7x15x20cm. Sizes of plates according to the order.
  • Granite block. Sizes and prices according to the agreement with the customer.

Modular Kitchen has been developed for a customer who wants to have finished building on ones territory within two days. It takes one lorry to transport and install the building.

Modular Kitchen our first product in modular series.

It is a complete solution. There is a chimney, smoking grill, gas stove and sink. Just plug in the communications and you are ready to go.

As it is quite heavy building then before buildings installation there has to be prepared the foundation for it. Ask for the plans. If all goes as planned the the installation takes up to one day to complete.

Modules can be used separately or together with existing buildings.

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